How do I deal with my artwork being stolen?

So… I just found my old Dragon’s Lair fanart is being used without my permission in advertising for a very successful Kickstarter project… since 2012. 

I don’t know how to approach this. On one hand, the project had a message I can identify with. On the other, no credit was given, my signature was removed, and they made $150k+ 

(To be fair: My memory is fuzzy, but I don’t remember giving permission and haven’t found any e-mails yet reminding me that I did. :/ )

Silliest Part: they stole my fanart (drawn by a me, a woman and freelance video game artist) to use in marketing material to illustrate sexism in video games. Was it assumed that a man had drawn it, and so it would be ok to use without permission to illustrate a point? >.> 

Copyright law is law, regardless of gender. I didn’t design or create the character, but I did create that drawing AS A TRIBUTE to the character and not for commercial use. :/

Suggestions? :/

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