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(Update #2) You Stole My Artwork: An Open Letter to Anita Sarkeesian

First and foremost - PLEASE look past the headlines. Read the previous posts first to have a clearer understanding of the history of the issue/my intentions before coming to any premature conclusions. Research is a wonderful thing. :)

Original Letter
First Update on Original Letter

Second - We’ve been in direct communication, but the situation is currently unresolved.

Third - I can no longer reply to your questions & comments on Reddit. My account was banned after attempting to host a non-related AMA. I still don’t know why or what rule I broke. :/

Fourth - When it’s resolved, I will definitely make sure everyone knows all is good again. :) I am not a fan of waiting either, but please continue to be patient.

Thank you all so much for keeping calm and having great discussions about copyright law, non-profit status, and Fair Use. If nothing else, at least we’re all learning something new. :)

Stay classy, internet. <3

UPDATE: ALL IS GOOD NOW. From my message on Reddit:

"I found out the reason for my shadowban— I had made a huge mistake and asked for upvotes on a comment via my Twitter account: https://twitter.com/Cowkitty/status/441986416138919936

I sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding! I hope you know that my intent wasn’t to gain those sweet delicious karma points— I was in the middle of being swamped with messages about a Reddit post about me, and I simply wanted to make sure my “official response” was seen so these folks could get the info they wanted, and then I could finally walk way from the computer and get back to work. :)

Good intentions aside, I know now I broke the rules, and I know now what to DEFINITELY not do in the future.”

To reitterate— I was shadowbanned BEFORE the AMA for asking for upvotes on a previous comment. Because it was a shadowban, it’s hard for the poster (me!) to determine exactly when they are banned— since I was still able to post in and get replies, I thought I hadn’t been banned yet until after the AMA. :D

HUGE thanks to the admins who were nice enough to give me the reason for the banning (Since if you never know your mistake, how can you avoid doing it again?).

After I found the reason, I wrote to the admins and profusely apologized for the misunderstanding and promised to be a good Redditor from now on. They were nice enough to restore my account. Thank you guys for the support and helping me get the info I needed to fix my mistake. 

GG, internet! <3

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